A journey to discover the edge of the unknown, find abundance in the yet unseen and connect with the unimaginable. From travels, to grand wedding celebrations nestled in Tuscanys hillsides, to intimate family affairs, to Behind-The-Scenes of fashion editorials in french Châteaus: This is a place to dream, gather fresh inspiration and create new possibilities from our visual stories told.

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Sophisticated and elegant country wedding

This elegant countryside fête was a dream for our couple Johanna & Stephan who dreamed about something rustic and refined. Both had a beautiful country-inspired vision for their wedding day. As they set their date in the late summer they decided to bring the country indoors with beautiful lakeside views and cozy candlelight. Johanna chose […]


For the aristocratic couple, Countess Anna and Count Karl von Stauffenberg, there was no place more beautiful for their wedding than their own castle in Bavaria, Germany. Beautifully settled in a rural village, the old world renaissance castle sits enthroned in the shape of an island in the castle lake. This was the perfect scenery […]

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Elegant old world castle wedding.


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Editorial wedding photographer in Provence.

Engagement sessions create a beautiful opportunity to create heavenly memories in unknown places. Today we are inviting you to skies of blue in Provence. The South of France is heaven for everyone who wants to gather new inspiration from natures shades of beauty and rustic architectural splendour. Our couple is stealing hearts with a bespoke […]


The south of France invites you to enjoy the simplicity of life. Anyone who has ever tasted the finest French cheese, or smelled the vast fields of lavender, will surely know the beauty of this French attitude to life.Surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Provence, the Domaine de Patras extends in the heart of the […]

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Editorial Wedding Photographer in Provence


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