in the sweet scent of memory

there is an allure


Caressing the world 
With notions and emotions 
Of a love in full flight 
Softly soothing
As potions of alchemical delight 

pocket full of whispers


We are an art director and filmmaker couple for an international clientele with wanderlust. Our modern visual language is shaped by a blend of nostalgia and natural aesthetics. We're inspired by traveling, art, VOGUE, old cinema and peoples stories. Over  the last years we made the narrative led creation of iconic and organic imagery our conceptual terrain. We capture peoples honest moments in an unobtrusive way to document life as it unfolds. In year 2018 we were named the Rising Star of Wedding Photography in the world by Rangefinder Magazine New York. Our work has been embraced worldwide by numerous magazines, brands and couples who appreciate a fresh perspective on the modern romantic.



January:   Salzburg, Austria

February:  Munich, Germany

March:             London, UK

April:       Provence, France

June:         Lisbon, Portugal



We worked with Jasmin for our destination wedding in Bavaria. On a wedding day, multiple things can be stressful, but with Jasmin, photography was not one of them. She talked with us a lot before and understood what we wanted out of it and what we're comfortable with. She was light as a feather the whole time and everything felt very natural. She was smiling, laughing and open to all our needs. We trusted her art and she trusted our story. Once we saw the final pictures, we actually got to relive our entire day which was priceless. Everything was captured with the same energy it happened, from the location, to getting ready, to the first look, the ceremony, the guests, the hugs, the tears and the smiles."


ANNA+SAMER,San francisco


Jasmin, is the sweetest. And her images are so incredibly beautiful and touching. She documented their bond perfectly. Just wanted to say how grateful I am that she accepted to come and capture Josephine and Micke's wedding. She was such a joy to be around and brought lots of happiness, laughter and positivity to the day - it would've been entirely different without her there! She made Josephine and Micke feel so relaxed and just blended into the day and celebrations seamlessly. The photos look sensational. I can't thank her enough."


chiara raine, FLORENCE


"We were instantly thrilled with Jasmin style: emotional, with a timeless beauty and a dedication to capture even the smallest details with her sense of aesthetics. After our first phone call, I was very happy that Jasmin was also very relaxed and funny. We quickly realized that we were united by a penchant for little details, so I was very sure that she was the right photographer for us. This was finally confirmed on our wedding day: with her cheerful and relaxed nature she did not let an initial tension arise. On our couple photo shoot she was full of verve, but on the other hand left us plenty of room for togetherness ...
The pictures of our wedding have become really beautiful, each one is a little work of art!"


marion + nils, germany


"I would suggest spending money on a real professional photographer because this is the only visual memory you have of your big day. The price is worth it when you see it in the pictures. Jasmin is an artist, she catches every single moment in such a beautiful feeling!"


anna + karl, germany



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