Jasmin and Tim have embarked on a unique journey, intertwining their personal and professional chapters as a couple. As photographers and filmmakers, they seamlessly blend their diverse skill sets to create captivating work. Jasmin, armed with her academic design background, brings a keen sense of aesthetics to their collaborative projects. Her understanding of form, color, and composition adds a touch of artistry to their work, ensuring that each frame tells a compelling visual story. Tim's background in techno music events and engineering introduces an energetic and refined element to their work - pushing the boundaries of traditional photography and filmmaking. The joyful energy of perfectly imperfect moments finds its way into their work, creating an authentic quality that goes beyond the surface. Together, they have found a unique synergy that sets their work apart - their collaboration infuses an avant-garde spirit that resonates with audiences globally.

Their clientele primarily hails from the realms of art, fashion, film, and various other creative fields. The diverse backgrounds align seamlessly with Jasmin and Tims unique approach. Their work also encompasses their enthusiasm for ceaseless current of personal style. With every click of the shutter, they orchestrate an energetic ode to self-expression amidst a sea of influences - a lighthouse guiding us to discover and embrace our true selves. Their work also made them become trusted by international fashion designers for editorial productions and campaigns. In the process, they have created their own take on contemporary wedding photography and cinematography, shaping a unique identity for all art lovers, dreamers, rebels, tastemakers and seekers. Named as one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Rangefinder Mag New York, published in VOGUE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, Wedluxe, The Lane and more.

We aren't trying to embody a particular style. Our sensitivity, liveliness and curiosity simply enables us to read people and energy. Our approach is natural rather than forced. Everything is just the way it comes out. We realized that the most beautiful things in life are never clear cut. Leaning into serendipity, into the in-between, is where we find magic.

How would you describe the style of your photography?

What should couples look for in a photographer?

What are some creative ideas for photography on the day?

Get them beautifully printed to display in your home and inspirit your space with your own story. Or get a photo album that invites you and your loved ones to look at all those memories from time to time. It will create wonderful conversations and new shared moments.

What do you suggest couples do with their photos post-wedding?

How important is light on the day?

What are the biggest mistakes you see when it comes to wedding photography? And, how do couples avoid these?

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Find someone who isn't just taking photos but creating a narrative - a person that is committed to understand your own identity, essence and complexities of the unique way you experience life. Someone who is going beyond the obvious and radiates uniqueness.

The glory of the surroundings and personal style. Shots of architecture, nature, landscapes, fashion and personal details are a beautiful way to express your individuality. Film photography is also a creative way to mix up photography. We just adore the beauty of analogue mediums.

We like to think that light is not a mere technicality but a muse, a co-creator in the art of storytelling. It shapes the mood, defines the atmosphere and reflects chapters of your journey.  It also reminds us that everything is ephemeral - light inspires us to squeeze a moment before it's gone. It's like a silent narrator, a storyteller in it's own right.

The generalization of "wedding photography" and the limitations that come with it. We're kind of genre-defiant and rather think it's all about collecting spontaneous beauty amidst the chaos of the world. Look for a sheer vibe that originates from that real and vivid place. You will be gifted with honest treasures that will be cherished for a lifetime.

„Jasmin and Tim have already captured celebrations in the most beautiful places on earth. Framing your most precious moments, elegance and zest for life naturally „in vogue“ is their piéce de résistance.“

Light beautifully forces you to seize opportunities, and gently directs you.
choose someone who inspires you to just be yourself.
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Your photography is art.

Your photography is elegant and sophisticated, but also natural and spontaneous. 

The marrying of natural and un-staged yet stylish and artistic nature.

Seeing how you approach the candid moments throughout the day is fantastic since it's such a one-of-a-kind approach and very difficult to master tastefully. You guys achieve this so perfectly.

Your editorial style is stunning, and your use of movement is wonderful.

You have the mixture of art, coolness and intimacy and feelings in your work.

Your style is honest and the moments are so special. we love the framing and lighting - so much natural art direction in every decision - in every shot.

I love the candid and quiet beauty of your photos.

Publications include:

VOGUE UK, HARPERS BAZAAR, OVER THE MOON,  WEDLUXE, THE LANE, Magnolia Rouge, The Anti bride, Amber and Muse, BRIDES magazine, ONCE WED, Style me pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, 100 Layer cake, hochzeitswahn, braut & bräutigam magazin, rock my wedding, love my dress, Rangefinder Magazine new york.




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