about the essence

The magic is in the mesmerizingly poetic
and exhilarating details that dance through every moment. 

of belonging

Our work is a beautifully untouched discovery of the moments that unfold with a hint of á la mode. We discreetly capture genuine, unstaged and spontaneous moments as they unfold. We're dedicated to reveal the connections between family and friends, uniqueness of the couples and the atmosphere - Always telling a story with iconic style. 

As we are not only wedding photographers but also creative directors, we are also taking an active role on the day. We will direct you for intimacy, light, movement and style. We are carefully considering every unique detail of color, light, design, emotion, location and the uniqueness of the event. All documented and curated in a way you want to cherish your memories forever.


We warmly invite you to a seamless and relaxed experience.  Because delight and belonging is the substance of true festive joy.

The artistic approach behind every story. 

Creative Direction.

Chiara Raine, Wedding Planner from Florence

"Just wanted to say how grateful I am that they accepted to come and capture Josephine and Micke's wedding.  they were  such a joy to be around and brought lots of happiness, laughter and positivity to the day - it would've been entirely different without them there! they made Josephine and Micke feel so relaxed and just blended into the day and celebrations seamlessly. The photos look sensational. I can't thank them enough."


made to matter

We embrace seamless experiences that cultivate  joy.  Every sur-mesure collection is carefully planned and fitted to meet your specific needs. 

We only accept a limited number of weddings each year to allow you the treasured service with comfort and care you truly deserve.
We really want you to feel cared for. Discover how we can make your hearts flutter through a seamless experience.



We highly value your precious time so we don't send out any overloaded standard price lists. "One size fits all" isn't our aspiration. Every client proposal is carefully tailored based on your actual needs.

Before your wedding day, there's so much more to discover about you. So we absolutely love to connect in person via video conference with you to make sure we fully understand your one of a kind needs, vision and personal tastes. 



We approach each wedding with great thoughtfulness and extensive preparation. As creative directors we create bespoke inspiration boards for each pre-wedding shooting and Elopement to visualize the dream experience. While we're absolutely organized we always let enough room to let beautiful things naturally unfold. We are excited to recommend all of our hand-selected vendors to orchestrate a production team that turns all your dreams in to a reality. In the Pre-production process we are staying in contact with your planner and other vendors to make sure that we are aware of every little detail.



We arrive a day early before your wedding weekend to scout the locations, look for incredible photo spots and get to understand the natural light. On your wedding day we prefer working as a Team (minimum of 2 people) to ensure you receive masterfully framed memories from the best angles. We balance our documentary approach with a subtle creative direction for genuine movement, true emotion and intimacy. Working as unobtrusive as possible we're always moving around with light gear and are happy to match your  dresscode. We are like one of your guests who is attending your wedding (just with cameras). 



Every single step of our Post-Production is happening in our studio and won't be outsourced. We are happy to hear about any expectations before our film post-production process begins. Selecting your favourite music preferences and the vibe you want to feel in your wedding film is inevitable to create your bespoke film. Do you look for a classically romantic style? Intimate and dreamy? Something modern and bold? Let's make your unique expectations a reality. We will always have your dreams in mind.

Images are delivered in a beautiful online gallery for you and your guests. Finely sourced artisan heirloom albums & album design services are included in selected photography collections and are also available for your loved ones in our fine art online shop.



We always keep in mind that we're creating beautiful photographs and films for you and your family, not our own Social Media. 
Celebrities or politicians are on your guest list? No problem at all.

We have already captured amazing celebrity weddings / guests that will never be showcased public.
Just let us know about the requirement of NDA agreements or limited publication rights. 

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