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Claire and Sids dream has been a playful garden wedding with their loved ones from all over the world. Graciously infused with playfulness and provencal slow living philosophy. Their wedding took place in an ancient village perched high on a cliff, 340 metres above the valley floor, and overlooking the luscious scenes of the Luberon. The village of Gordes is a place for bucolic bliss with the most bewitching views. The celebration in the hanging gardens of La Bastide de Gordes was a journey where the stories of the couple met to become one with the magic of the Luberon spirit. 

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Playful provencal garden wedding at Airelles Gordes

Willow & Oak Events.

For the wedding day, Claire chose a structured Lela Rose gown with unexpected floral details, which she tastefully paired with heirloom jewelry and a pearl embellished cathedral length veil. The result was both timeless and contemporary, and each piece took her unique style to a new level. One of the most special pieces Claire carried on the day was a lace handkerchief that her grandmother Betty gifted to her in 1997. Claire was extremely close to her grandmother, who passed away years ago. So it was a very special to have this heirloom around her Lily of the Valley bouquet. The sun-kissed ceremony with views over the valley was followed by a Cocktail Hour in the gardens of Maison de Constance. A jazz trio entertained guests, while locally-inspired treats circulated - refreshing lavender lemonade, comté cheese gougères and green cheese + goat cheese velouté.

claire x sid

A cascade of tiered gardens set the stage for Claire & Sid's summer-in-Provence Cocktail Hour. A makeshift badminton net, out of vintage lace from the 18th arrondissement in Paris, was strung up, so that guests could enjoy an activity during Cocktail Hour. A jazz trio from Paris courted the attention of the guests with their snazzy repertoire of Davis, Coltrane, Brubeck, Parker, Gillespie and Monk. 


Provence is a feeling - so the celebration started with a vintage car drive through the sumptuous scenery of Provence.
The Welcome Dinner in the main village square was harking back to one of the couple's favorite italian restaurants in Chicago, the city where they first met. So this celebration was quintessentially Italian. Fresh Aperol spritz welcomed each guest alongside live pasta rolling with a Puglian chef. The family style feast featured Italian cuisine like stuffed zucchini flowers, pillowy burrata and melt-in-your-mouth tiramisu. A band from Nice paraded through the village streets as they played an iconic intro to "Pretty Woman", charming each table with upbeat serenades.

dinnEr location: bastide de pierres

music: the gypsy queens

claires toile dress: over the moon

it was important to emphasize the small but meaningful things. documenting joyful and unstaged moments. photographs that encapsulate dreamy moments in the real life.

For Claire and Sid

Lela Rose 


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floral design

Jazz around midnight



"There will never be enough words in any language to express our gratitude to Jasmin and Tim at Flora&Grace. We were introduced to them through our wedding planners and as soon as I saw their work I knew we would be working together. Every image tells a story and takes you right back to that day. They captured our wedding weekend completely. When we saw our photos and videos for the first time we couldn’t even speak right away. They are an absolute dream."

"There will never be enough words in any language to express our gratitude."


Erin x David

"Your film brought us to tears! We have watched it again, and again, and again. It is so incredibly wonderful. We love the mix of color and black & white imagery, the music choices are perfect, and you brilliantly captured the subtleties and emotions of the day. Thank you so much for adventuring across the world to be a part of our wedding, for your hard work, and for creating a film that we can revisit for the rest of our lives to relive this beautiful day. We appreciate you both, and wish you health and happiness in all your days."

"you brilliantly captured the subtleties and emotions of the day."

from california

Samantha x Austin

"Thank you so much for these wonderful photographs! Words cannot describe how happy it makes us to look at these recordings of time. Tim not only captured the look of this wedding - but above all - how it really felt for us and for our guests. Whenever we look at the pictures, all the excitement and bliss comes right back to us and we discover new favorite shots each time. Thank you for giving us this perfect memory!"

"Whenever we look at the pictures, all the excitement and bliss comes
right back to us"

from berlin

Josephine x Ben

"Jasmin and Tim of Flora & Grace really captured our
attention because their photography was so elegant, stylish, yet without pretense. We really loved their aesthetic and the fact that their shots looked
more like fashion editorials than typical wedding photos. We really loved how positive and excited they were about the wedding and the fact that their
shooting style was to simply capture us as we were naturally."

"their photography was so elegant, stylish, yet without pretense."


Hallie x Jason

"Dear Jasmin and Tim,
thank you so much for your wonderful work. It's incredible where you've been, what you've captured, what you've seen and how you've orchestrated it. And the way you selected it, edited it - we’re honestly deeply impressed. You have created art "en passant", which in our perception on the day, we hardly noticed - and if then only as very pleasant. You have far exceeded our expectations and given us a wonderful gallery of memories to last a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough.

See you soon - hopefully in Mallorca."

"You have given us a wonderful gallery of memories to last a lifetime."

FROM germany

Sasha x Matthias

"On a wedding day, multiple things can be stressful, but with Jasmin, photography was not one of them. She talked with us a lot before and understood what we wanted out of it and what we're comfortable with. She was light as a feather the whole time and everything felt very natural. She was smiling, laughing and open to all our needs. We trusted her art and she trusted our story. Once we saw the final pictures, we actually got to relive our entire day which was priceless. Everything was captured with the same energy it happened, from the location, to getting ready, to the first look, the ceremony, the guests, the hugs, the tears and the smiles."

"She was light as a feather the whole time and everything felt very natural."


Anna x Samer

"Jasmin & Tim, you guys were super amazing and accommodating, made us feel at ease and beautiful. I'm so glad we had the chance to see Positano together and share these moments. We just wanted to express our gratitude. Thank you guys so much!

With Love,
Lisa & Russell"

"I'm so glad we had the chance to see Positano togetheR."

FROM Singapore

Lisa x Russell

"We cannnot thank them enough for their absolutely gorgeous photos and film. We were both blown away by their pure talent and dedication to their craft! We cannot recommend them highly enough and thank them for making us feel comfortable and for all they've done to capture our day so beautifully! These guys are true treasures!"

"We were both blown away by their pure talent and dedication to their craft!"

FROM london

Erin x Fraser

"Their images are so incredibly beautiful and touching. They documented their bond perfectly. Just wanted to say how grateful I am that they accepted to come and capture Josephine and Micke's wedding. They were such a joy to be around and brought lots of happiness, laughter and positivity to the day - it would've been entirely different without them there! They made Josephine and Micke feel so relaxed and just blended into the day and celebrations seamlessly. The photos look sensational. I can't thank them enough."

"They made Josephine and Micke feel so relaxed and just blended into the day seamlessly."

FROM Florence

Chiara Raine, Wedding Planner

Thank you SO much for capturing our DREAM with such beauty! We are obsessed with the photos & film and will always treasure all the wonderful memories thanks to you!

Lots of love,
Marie & Tomas

"thank you so much for capturing our dream with such beauty."

FROM london

Marie x Tomas

"Your photos are so romantic, light and so perfectly captured in a moment of pure love. You capture details that almost no one can see. I love seeing our photographs on and on and on. When something is so beautiful it will never be boring! I’m very happy I have so much luck that I found you."

"You captured details that almost
 No one can see. "

FROM warsaw

Patrycija x Michal

"I was amazed how much effort you have put toward shooting photos on our wedding including all sorts of details. I was thrilled to see details which I did not recognize during the wedding! I can not thank you enough and most of all, I could never find a photographer like YOU who is a talented young beautiful lady! So Arigato (=thank you in Japanese!)"

"I was thrilled to see details which I did not recognize during the wedding!"


Mineka x Naoto

"We were instantly thrilled with Jasmin style: emotional, with a timeless beauty and a dedication to capture even the smallest details with her sense of aesthetics. After our first phone call, I was very happy that Jasmin was also very relaxed and funny. We quickly realized that we were united by a penchant for little details, so I was very sure that she was the right photographer for us. This was finally confirmed on our wedding day: with her cheerful and relaxed nature she did not let an initial tension arise. ..
The pictures of our wedding have become really beautiful, each one is a work of art!"

 "each picture is a work of art!"


Marion x Nils


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