Wedding reveries at Villa Cimbrone.

January 20, 2019

The Amalfi Coast in Italy has always impressed artists from all over the world. The small villages on the cliffs as well as the picturesque landscape and all villas from past times invite you to a magical journey into another world. High on a mountain with a view of the vastness of the sea is Villa Cimbrone with an enchanted garden and an endless view of the sea. In 1904 it was built on a rock 350m above sea level. The eclectic spirit of the time was inspired by the Roman past and the medieval oriental trade.

Inspired by the magic of Villa Cimbrone, this wedding invites you to transform the longing of the place into a work of art in every detail.

High up on the terrace, the finely laid table is already waiting to give the newlyweds a wonderful view of the vastness of the sea, while the stormy clouds of the evening sky are reflected in the sophisticated glass of the candlesticks.

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Location: Villa Cimbrone | Concept & Design: Joy Proctor | Calligraphy: Julie Song Ink | Bridal Dress: Truvelle Bridal | H&M: Mia Jeppson | Workshop Hosts: KT Merry, Sandra Aberg (Moda e Arte)



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